Michigan State University Police Department

We serve as the Police Department for Michigan State University, with sworn police officers certified by the State of Michigan. We handle all police and criminal matters on all MSU property. It is our mission to enhance the quality of life on campus, by building relationships, strengthening stewardship, and working collaboratively within our diverse community to reduce crime, enforce laws, preserve peace, and provide for a safe environment.

Are you committed to courtesy and excellence?


Dear future officer,

The Michigan State University Police Department has upheld a long tradition of courtesy and excellence by hiring talented officers with the highest standards of performance. If you have the leadership, integrity and honor for a law enforcement career, we want you to join our team.

We offer a career where every shift is not like the one before. You will be exposed to a variety of calls for service with the MSU community and develop strong multi-jurisdictional partnerships. You will receive valuable training and access to the best equipment because we know that training and reliable equipment is vital to officer safety.

Officers have the opportunity for advancement within the ranks of the MSU Police Department. All of our officers begin their career on patrol but many officers advance into specialized units and teams. As a professional and progressive agency, we are committed to providing these specialized units and teams for the MSU community.

I look forward to growing the department’s strengths and welcoming new officers to a rewarding career with MSU Police Department.

Doug Monette
Interim Police Chief and Director


Job Posting Alerts

Michigan State University is committed to hiring the best candidates for police officer positions. We are always seeking qualified individuals.
For more information please contact Lieutenant Kennedy Parker at 517-355-7456 or sign up to receive email alerts for job postings.