Hiring Process

All applicants must adhere to the following standards:
• Must be a citizen of the United States.
• Must have a Bachelor’s degree, at minimum.
• Certifiable through Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES).
• Must have a valid Michigan driver’s license without restrictions.
• Must possess satisfactory physical and mental condition determined by the MSU physician of choice.
• Must pass oral interview and background investigation.

Monitor MCOLES Job Listings and/or subscribe to MSU Job Listings Updates. Once notified of an opening, fill out and submit the application. An MSU Police Department representative will contact you.
Once notified of an opening, fill out the application and wait for a response from an MSU Police representative.

Interviews take place for those applicants who’ve been chosen to move on in the hiring process. Interview times will be communicated to you and will take place at the MSU Police Department, 1120 Red Cedar Rd., East Lansing, MI 48824. The interview should take approximately 60 minutes to complete. Once completed, await to hear from us regarding your status in the hiring process.

Background Investigation
A thorough background investigation will be conducted for applicants who’ve been chosen to move on through the hiring process. A background investigator will be assigned to you for the duration of your background investigation. A background investigation can take 2-4 weeks. It is important that the applicant is readily available and responsive throughout this process to expedite the background investigation process.

Conditional Job Offer
Upon completion of a successful background investigation, a job offer may be extended. Once accepted, the applicant will be given instructions and a timeline to complete the following: psychological exam, hearing exam, and eye exam. These tests will be paid for by the MSU Police Department as part of the hiring process. Successful completion of each task will result in a scheduled start date to begin a career with the MSU Police Department.